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If you can not find our email, check if your mail server has misplaced it in the Spam list. If you can not find it, look in the spam folder of your email account. If you still can not find it contact us with another email and ask us to change the email you have with us.

Username: and Password:

Your username and password should be given just as you stated or received them and only in English. They are case sensitive, ie other A and other a.

Birth Place

Write the city, town or village with small letters. If not appear, write with English letters, or/and choose the Country at the previous option. You can also write only the first letters of the city and expect to get results to choose from.

If you did not choose Country and you use Whole World you can type also the country to minimize the results. For United States only type US and not United States. For example if your city is San Francisco, type

sun francisco us

If the city is Washington because there are too many Washington's you can type also the state example:

washington us california

But if you have choose Country before and you use the United States for example type only the city/town/village and not the country.

If you do some tries to find your city and the script seems to not work, for example you can't see the small rolling wheel at the right of the bar where you type, just retype the city or backspace the last letter and retype it.

House System

We use the Porphyry house system because it covers the entire globe in contrast to the widespread but incomplete systems of Koch and Placidus.

How to read your transits

Strong transit aspects are those that the planets have aspect and in the natal horoscope. Many times if the transit is opposed from the natal aspect, the natal aspect overcomes the transit.

Auto renewal

With this method, you agree that PayPal will charge you automatically at the end of the time limit of your choice the amount of assistance of your membership.

Only once

With this method you are charged only for the time you decide to join us and when the time runs out you must visit this page again to renew it.